Kid’s Activities

Kids Lazer Run

It’s a new sport, initiation in modern pentathlon and multisports. The young athletes will take part in three age categories:

  • Elementary (fourth, fifth and sixth grade)
  • Junior High School
  • High School


The event involves running from target to goal shooting with a gun, which should be armed by the athlete and scored successfully on the target (a light will be on when 5 successful shots are reached). The time available to achieve 5 times the goal is 50 seconds, if he has not managed to achieve it 5 times, he continues to run with only the 50 second delay (no score but only time saving). The faster the athlete is, the more time saving he achieves and continuing on the run, he is more likely to achieve better overall time and position. Timing is total, from the start to run, until the end of the race, that will also end in running. In total, there are 3 running parts (a total of 600 – 800 meters in total) and two on the shooting with a weapon for the small category, while there are 4 running parts (800 – 1,000 meters) and 3 on the shooting with the gun in the two biggest age categories. The event takes place in groups of 5 athletes and the final triad of the podium is based on time.

The weapons are placed on a special table (a table for each weapon, next to each other) and each athlete selects the table that will stand for his shots (5 successful or more if missed).

The difficulty of the sport is to stabilize the gun and target when the athlete has increased pulses. The weapons are completely harmless in their use. Judges control the process both in weapon targeting and in keeping track of the running part. The awards are by age and gender. 


Kids Chess Simultaneous

It’s a chess learning game, with individual chess sets, on tables placed one next to the other. Each kid stands in front of one of these tables and faces a chess champion, who moves in circles and makes one move on each chessboard. The matches are completed and new players take their place against the Olympic Champion. Other chess learning games will also take

 place, depending on the level of the participants. There is no winner or prize, given the fact that kids don’t compete with each other. Useful advice and guidance are to be given to the young athletes by the prominent athlete



Kids Cycling in a slow pace

This activity is mainly entertaining and aims to engage children with pleasure and creativity, with an action of balance mainly, but also of thinking – intellect. This fun race competes time, regardless of kid’s age. The only difference is that each child chooses the size of the wooden bicycle wishes to use between two bicycles – which are available. The goal of each child is to move between two parallel lines (at a distance of 80cm between them) of a total distance of about 20 meters without stepping down and without leaving the two lines, at the slowest time. The child that will make this distance at the longest time, will win & be awarded.


Kids Cross Aquathlon

It’s about a part of a triathlon race, combining swimming & running. Kids are divided in 2 age groups (1st category: 3 top grades of elementary school, 2nd category: junior high grades)
Two different starts are been given, where the 1st category swim in a triangle shape for 50m and after that, run for 25m in order to complete the 1st of the 2 rows requested. They finish the race when ending the 2 rows.

the 2nd category kids, do the same thing, except that the swimming distance for them is 100m / row.

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