Let’s meet Derek Tan, the 24 years old Warrior from Singapore, who choose XTERRA Greece for his inaugural participation and entry in the XTERRA family!

XG: What is your name, age and family status?
I am Derek Tan from Singapore. I am single and will be turning 24 this year.

XG: What is your occupation?
I am currently an undergraduate from the National University of Singapore.

XG: Is this your first Xterra?
Yes, this is my first time doing Xterra. My friend introduced me to Xterra 2 years ago but there aren’t many Xterra races in South East Asia. I decided to take this opportunity to do an Xterra race while in Europe.

XG: Why did you choose XTERRA Greece?
The pictures of Greece on the website look stunning, it would be a good chance to do an off-road triathlon and enjoy the scenery at the same time.

XG: Are you coming for the race only or for combination of race and holidays?
I will be there for a combination of race and holiday, Greece has a rich history and it would be a waste to not explore Greece while i am there.


XG: What is your athletic background?
I am in my Varsity’s Aquathlon team, focusing primarily on swimming and running. I usually cycle on the weekends when there are fewer cars on the road.

XG: Are you planning to race other events in Europe?
Yes. I am planning to do a few more races since Europe has so many races in the summer. But Xterra would be my only off-road triathlon while in Europe.

XG: Is off road triathlon popular in your country?
There are currently no off-road triathlons in Singapore although there is a thriving mountain biking community and a few popular trail running routes available. The nearest off-road triathlon would probably be Xterra Malaysia.

XG: Thank you very much Tan and looking forward to welcome you in Greece and the beautiful Municipality of Vari Voula Vouliagmeni. We are so happy and honored that you choose our race for your participation in XTERRA races. See you soon!

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